Why Honors?

"Honors education ignites passion for lifelong learning and encourages student creativity, collaboration, and leadership in the classroom and beyond."

"It is characterized by in-class and extracurricular activities that are measurably broader, deeper, or more complex than comparable learning experiences typically found at institutions of higher education. Honors curriculum serves as a laboratory for inventive and experiential education that can be implemented in the traditional classroom. Honors experiences include a distinctive learner-directed environment and philosophy, provide opportunities that are appropriately tailored to fit the institution's culture and mission, and frequently occur within a close community of students and faculty."

- National Collegiate Honors Council

Honors College benefits


Honors College advisors work with students to personalize their educational experience at Kent State in accordance with their interests and career aspirations. Honors students are supported both by the advising departments in their major(s) and in the Honors College. Our advisors assist students with how to fit in Honors courses and credits, how to prepare for study abroad, support for independent study and research, and support in beginning a Senior Honors Thesis/Project.

Small Class Sizes

Courses are an important component of the Honors College experience. The Honors College emphasizes small classes, generally limited to 20 students; seminars, interdisciplinary team-taught courses and other engaging learning experiences; and the development of critical reading, discussion, and writing skills. 

Priority Registration

Honors students have the ability to select their classes before most other students at Kent State, which provides them with flexibility for constructing their schedules.


All entering freshmen who are admitted to the Honors College will receive automatic consideration for merit scholarships. Continuing students have the opportunity to apply for a variety of scholarships and grants, including funding for research, study abroad, professional development, and more.

Honors Housing

The Honors College Living-Learning Community is specifically for students who have been admitted to the Honors College. Students who participate in the Honors College Living-Learning Community, located in Stopher Hall, Johnson Hall, Centennial Court B and Clark Hall will be exposed to opportunities unique to students who strive for academic success, participate in leadership opportunities along with other top students, develop friendships through common goals, courses, and conversation, and be exposed to faculty and staff to enhance their academic experience at Kent State University.

Honors College Library

Honors students have exclusive access to a place to study, read, and work in a quiet, relaxing environment. We have a large collection of books containing works from the arts and humanities as well as several reference materials. The library is also home to every Senior Honors Thesis/Project as well as other Honors portfolio projects that have been completed by Honors students dating back to the 1930s. Students have access to three computers and a printer (printing is free, but students must provide their own paper to print).