Graduate Programs

Kent Hall

The Department of Psychological Sciences offers a PhD in Psychological Science and a PhD in Clinical Psychology. Within the Psychological Science PhD program, tracks include Behavioral Neuroscience, Cognitive/Cognitive Development, and Social-Health. The Clinical Psychology PhD program, which has been continuously accredited by the American Psychological Association since 1968, offers specialties in adult clinical psychology, clinical child and adolescent psychology, and clinical neuropsychology. Students in all areas can also earn a concentration in quatitative methods.

All incoming graduate students are considered to be potential PhD candidates. Formal admission into the PhD program is not made until students complete the MA thesis defense. Before students complete the MA requirements, the faculty members evaluate the student's performance and advise whether they are still being considered for the PhD program. The decision is based upon performance in all aspects of the MA program. Students admitted to the PhD program with an MA may be required to complete appropriate required courses if they have not had equivalent courses. The courses to be taken may be made a condition for admission to the doctoral program.

All students must pass a PhD candidacy examination, complete a doctoral dissertation, and pass an oral examination. Clinical students must fulfill the doctoral candidacy requirement with a candidacy paper. There is no foreign language requirement in the Psychological sciences PhD program. Under optimal conditions for those entering with a BA or BS, students take four to five years to complete the Psychological Science PhD and five to six years for the Clinical PhD, including an APA approved internship. Some students take longer.

The curriculum and other aspects of training offered by the Department prepare students for careers in research, teaching, and/or clinical practice. The graduate program recognizes the necessity for students to acquire a fundamental knowledge of general psychology as well as more specialized training. The program is designed to acquaint students with the theoretical and research content in their areas of specialized study and to teach them the research skills necessary to become competent investigators. The Department considered research training important for all psychologists, regardless of their specific occupational goals, and believes it should begin as early as possible.

How to Apply

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