Program Application Process

Graduate Program Application Process

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The Department of Psychological Sciences does not require applicants to submit GRE scores. Submission of GRE scores is optional. If you do submit GRE scores, some faculty mentors will consider the GREs in evaluating your application, whereas other faculty will not consider the GRE even if it is submitted (see details).

About Our Process

It is the policy of the department to admit only those students whose goal is a Ph.D. and who the Admissions Committee considers likely to complete the doctorate. The M.A. degree is viewed as a step toward obtaining the Ph.D.

Only students who are interested in full-time graduate study are considered for admission. Graduate students in psychology must accumulate a minimum of 24 credit hours within the calendar year. Students unable to maintain this level of academic activity are not considered for graduate work in the department. Students are expected to enroll in courses during the summer as well as during the academic year.

Excerpts from the Admission Policy for Graduate Standing:

  • We admit only for full-time graduate study.
  • We admit only applicants who are pursuing a Ph.D.  The M.A. degree is obtained as one of several requirements for obtaining the Ph.D.

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