Newsletter, December 2019

Kent State Researchers Find a Way to Potentially Conquer Cancer Drug Resistance

Free stock image of a Breast Cancer Awareness walk

An article published by Kent State University researchers in a high-impact journal may help to develop more effective drug treatments for one type of invasive breast cancer.

Kent State Education Researchers Receive Million-Dollar Grant for Cross-disciplinary Training in Early Childhood Professions

Preschool children learning sign language (free stock photo)

Ohio, like many states, suffers from a teacher shortage, especially in early childhood education and special education. The Buckeye State also is in need of more school psychologists, analysts say.

Kent State Healthcare Design Researcher Receives $2.47 Million to Design Safer and More Efficient Level I Trauma Rooms

Sara Bayramzadeh, Ph.D., serves as coordinator and Elliot Professor in the Healthcare Design Program in Kent State University's College of Architecture and Environmental Design.

Traumatic injuries are the third leading cause of death nationally and the first in Americans age 44 and younger, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Level I trauma rooms are intended to stabilize and save the lives of patients with the most severe traumatic injuries. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has awarded a $2.47 million grant to Sara Bayramzadeh, a Kent State University researcher, to help create trauma rooms that support staff in saving patients’ lives.

NSF Award Helps Kent State Anthropologists Expand International Partnership

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A new federal grant will help Kent State University expand an international relationship and provide invaluable opportunities for some graduate students.

Kent State Biologist Lands NIH Grant to Research Cannabinoids’ Effect on Sleep Cycles

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There are two cycles most people can’t avoid — sleep and the news. And If you’re awake, you can’t help hearing the news reporting about cannabinoids. A Kent State researcher may soon have news about how these substances affect our body’s natural clock.