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To assist with formulating bids and constructing Kent State University improvement projects, construction contractors and plan room affiliates should feel free to review and/or download from this Web site any of the information that has been provided by the Kent State Office of the University Architect. These documents and forms are the most current versions available and should be utilized for phases of a project, from bid preparation through construction close-out.

On June 30, 2011, Ohio Governor John R. Kasich signed House Bill 153, which included the first changes in the state's method of performing public construction in more than 134 years. These changes, collectively known as Ohio Construction Reform, substantially alter how public improvement projects are completed and allow for the use of alternative construction project delivery methods. The Construction Reform initiatives now allow public authorities to use General Contracting (Single-Prime), Construction Manager at Risk, or Design-Build project delivery methods for local and state capital construction projects. (The Multiple-Prime project delivery method remains available; however, it is no longer a requirement). Under the General Contracting project delivery method, also referred to as Single-Prime, a single contractor has the overall responsibility for the completion of a project, offering Kent State University the opportunity to reduce both the cost of the project and the time necessary for project completion.

If the Office of the University Architect is advertising to construction contractors about a new construction project, the NTB is posted on the Notice to Bidders Web page. Please check this Website for any new project, which is typically posted in conjunction with the public announcement in the local newspaper.

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