Construction Projects Completed in 2013

Here are the major construction projects that were completed during 2013:

Allerton Apartments Abatement and Demolition of Buildings E, F, J, K, L, and M
Residence Services determined that Allerton Apartments Buildings E, F, J, K, L, and M had reached the end of their useful lifespan. The unwanted and unused buildings were removed and the site is being prepared for future use. Public utilities to the main trunk lines were removed and capped per utility recommendations and electrical duct banks to the main manhole on south side of street were removed. Habitat for Humanity ReStore of Portage County has been salvaging furniture and other useful items. The parking lots are being removed with final grading and seeding to follow. GCS Industrial Services completed asbestos abatement work in November 2012. Russ James Contracting’s demolition and site restoration work was completed this summer for this project designed by The Osborn Engineering Company.

Ashtabula Main Hall B-Wing and C-Wing Roof Replacements
Ashtabula Main Hall's B-Wing and C-Wing's existing, single-ply rubber membrane roofs and insulation were removed down to the existing decks and replaced with new roofing systems with a 30-year warranty. The copings were replaced with new pre-manufactured metal copings to match the A-Wing. Building Technicians Corporation's completed work on these roofs in early fall for these projects designed by Taylor Consulting Group.

Cartwright Hall Partial Roof Replacement
Terik Roofing's roofing work and masonry repairs have been completed for this Cartwright Hall project designed by Makovich & Pusti Architects. The roof above the ornamental dome in the Auditorium was replaced; old ventilation shafts and other abandoned equipment were removed to provide better drainage; and parapet and facade masonry repairs were completed. Additional work to clean staining off exterior stone facades was also completed this spring.

Child Development Center Outdoor Learning Laboratory
An Outdoor Learning Laboratory was expanded and improved at the playground of the Child Development Center in order to enhance the mission and philosophy of the Center. Designed by Behnke Associates, Cavanaugh Building Corporation's on-site work was completed this summer.

Clark Hall HVAC and Student Room Improvements
In the Eastway Center Residence Halls Complex (Clark, Fletcher, and Manchester halls), the two-pipe heating-only systems are being replaced with four-pipe systems capable of providing heating and cooling to student rooms. The flooring will be abated and the existing built-in closets removed. Corridor finishes and lighting improvements are also included in this two-year project. Dynamix Engineering, Ltd. is the Criteria Architect/Engineer for this project. Turner Construction Company is serving as the Design-Build firm. Renovations in Clark Hall were completed this summer in time for the return of students moving into the residence hall. During the summer of 2014, work will begin in Fletcher and Manchester halls.

Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative Expansion
The College of Architecture and Environmental Design is offering a new Master of Landscape Architecture program that is taught at the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative (CUDC). The original space was not large enough to support the additional students that will be enrolled in this new program. This project, designed by Westlake Reed Leskosky, enlarged the CUDC space by expanding into the adjacent 2,500 SF unfinished tenant area with matching finishes and furnishings to create twenty-two additional student stations in the design studio. Veterans Contracting and is currently completing punch list items.

Geauga Classroom Building HVAC Replacements, Phase 2
In 2010, Kent State University at Geauga commissioned a study to evaluate the Classroom Building's heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to determine and recommend which HVAC equipment and systems are most in need of replacement and to recommend a system type for replacement. Completed during the summer of 2012, Phase 1 of the HVAC replacements project included installation of a new boiler plant, new cabinet unit heaters, new valves at the perimeter fin tube, new exhaust fans and a new ductless split system for the IT server room. Phase 2 of this multi-phased project was completed by Lauren Building Company during the summer of 2013. During Phase 2, the roof top unit AC-2, a 25-ton Trane single-zone gas-fired unit, was removed and a new system was installed to serve 8,900 SF of Administrative Offices, Library, Classrooms and Computer Classrooms. The new system is intended to improve operating efficiency, energy efficiency and improve temperature control in all spaces. Karpinski Engineering designed the multiple phases of this project. Future phases will complete the HVAC replacements over several projects during the next several years. Phase 3 work will commence after funding has been secured.

Heer Hall Renovations for Administrative Functions
Heer Hall, a former residence hall built in 1967, was renovated to provide office space for multiple administrative functions. Work involved the conversion of the residence rooms and bathroom facilities, improvements to the public areas, and the upgrade/replacement of the entire heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems, electrical distribution, telecommunications systems, fire alarm and fire suppression systems. This project, designed by The Collaborative and renovated by Hummel Construction Company, was completion in late spring. On April 22, Human Resources, formerly located in Terrace and Wright halls, relocated to Heer Hall.

Henderson Hall Parking Lot and Walkways
A new, 200-vehicle parking lot, designed by Knight & Stolar, Inc., was built in the vicinity of Henderson Hall. Adjacent sidewalks and pavements were installed to continue service to Henderson Hall and to provide pedestrian circulation throughout the site. Perrin Asphalt Company's work on the project was completed this summer.

Library Third Floor Renovations for the School of Library and Information Science
The School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) occupied an area on the third floor of the Library and the program has grown significantly. Additional space was needed to accommodate students and faculty. This project, designed by Payto Architects, involved interior renovations and systems upgrades to the approximately 10,000 SF of vacated space on the third floor of the Library. The program included additional faculty office and research spaces, as well as instructional spaces. Stitle Construction Corporation's on-site construction activities were completed this summer.

Lincoln Building Office of Continuing and Distance Education Relocation
In order to properly work with instructors to set-up their online coursework, the Office of Continuing and Distance Education (OCDE) needed additional space. On May 1, the OCDE moved out of the Schwartz Center and into the Lincoln Building. DSV Builders' work was completed this summer. This project was designed by Wanix Architects.

McDowell Hall Elevator Modernization
All of McDowell Hall's elevator equipment was original to the construction of the building, circa 1966. Modernization of McDowell Hall's two elevators included: replacement of the electromagnetic controls with a micro-processor control system; replacement of the AC to DC generator set with a variable drive AC motor; re-roping of each hoistway; constructing new elevator cabs on the existing slings; and installation of new lanterns and call stations at each floor. Elevator dispatch times and travel times were shortened by new efficiencies in the micro-processor controls, taking advantage of updated technologies. This project was designed by Van Auken Akins Architects, LLC. Stitle Construction Corporation's on-site construction was completed before the start of fall semester.

Music and Speech Center D-Wing First Floor Ceiling Replacement and Chilled Water Line Relocation
Chilled water lines in the D-Wing of the Music and Speech Center were relocated from the ground floor to the first floor ceiling, the spline ceiling was replaced with new two-by-two lay-in ceiling tiles, and the existing surface-mount lighting were replaced with recessed, high-efficiency lights. To avoid disrupting daytime classes and business operations, noisy demolition and construction activities were conducted during the third shift. The Standard Plumbing & Heating Company's on-site construction was completed on this project that was designed by Pardo Consultants.

Music and Speech Center Renovations to Lecture Hall D022
Music and Speech Center Lecture Hall D022 was converted into a future lecture hall. This room will be utilized as swing space for other campus classes while major lecture halls are taken offline during the construction of the major bond projects. The existing shell space was renovated into a lecture hall for multiple disciplines. Summit Construction Company's on-site construction was completed in mid-August.

Prentice Hall Toilet and Shower Room Renovations
Prentice Hall was constructed in 1959 and houses 255 students in double-occupancy rooms. This summer, the shower and toilet rooms were upgraded, the original systems and layouts replaced with new, private shower/toilet rooms similar to the facilities recently installed in the Tri-Towers, Lake/Olson and Eastway complexes. All failing piping, power and ventilation systems within the existing shower/toilet rooms were removed and replaced and a new shower/toilet room complex for each floor and each wing of the building were built. Domokur Architects was the Criteria Architect/Engineer for this project. Turner Construction Company served as the Design-Build firm. On-site work was completed in time for the return of students moving into the residence hall.

Recreation Field Pavilion
At the new Recreation Field, a new pavilion and secured field equipment storage building were built for the convenience and use of recreation users and visitors. The pavilion is comprised of a covered area with picnic tables for group gatherings, enclosed restroom facilities, electrical power and wireless Internet access. Site utilities, irrigation controls, field lighting and water well controls were relocated from their temporary locations into the new building. This project was designed by Braun & Steidl Architects. DSV Builders, Inc., Synergy, LLC, and Becdel Controls, Incorporated are working on completing the remaining punch list items.

Rockwell Hall Atrium and Lab Renovations
New lab spaces were built-out in the existing atrium and third floor classroom areas of Rockwell Hall to accommodate additional program changes and class structure of the School of Fashion Design and Merchandising. Work involved a floor extension on the third floor to recapture the space at the atrium. R. L. Hill Management is working to complete the remaining punch list items on this project that was designed by Van Auken Akins Architects, LLC.

Schoonover Stadium Varsity Baseball Field Lighting
Outdoor lighting and lighting controls were installed at the Schoonover Stadium Varsity Baseball Field. The field lighting was fully operational before the first home baseball game on March 20. B & J Electric of Poland, Inc. reseeded the site in the spring. This project was designed by OSports.

South Campus Center Drive Parking Lot
The South Campus Center Drive parking lot provides new parking at the south gateway to campus and a new bus stop along the campus bus route. The parking lot also connects via a pedestrian bridge to existing athletic facilities in the area. Cavanaugh Building Corporation completed the asphalt and concrete work and the pedestrian bridge was set into place on the new foundations, brick piers and brick paver work was completed in late November.

Stark Fine Arts Building and Library Building HVAC Upgrades and Interior Renovations, Phase 1
The first phase of this project was completed this summer by The C.D. Whitfield Company and consisted of the design and issuance of construction documents for the Stark Fine Arts Building HVAC upgrades to the entire building. The project also included installation of new ceilings, lighting and fire alarm system. The second phase of the project, involving HVAC upgrades and interior renovations to the Library Building, is being planned and design could start in the near future for construction to commence in 2014. The Library Building, built in 1976, houses the Library, offices, classrooms and supports spaces. This second phase will include replacement of the custom Moduline air terminal units, associated ductwork and diffusers in preparation for a new future VAV air handling Unit. Peters Tschantz & Associates, Inc. designed this multiple-phase project. Phase 2 work will commence after funding has been secured.

Stark Re-Paving Parking Lots #105 and #201
Parking Lot #105 at the Stark Campus University Center and Student Parking Lot #201 were milled and re-paved. New underdrains near two catch basins in lot #105 were installed where water seeps up through cracks in the pavement. The trench drain at the driveway to lot #105 was removed and replaced. Perrin Asphalt Company's site work was completed this summer.

Taylor Hall Building Envelope Restoration
Braun & Steidl Architects, Inc. designed this building envelope repair project to replace Taylor Hall’s upper and lower roof systems, perform concrete repairs to the structural building frame, and replace windows. Work included installation of lighting protection and fall protection, and removal of old cooling towers no longer in service. Panzica Construction Company's on-site work was completed this fall. New windows were installed, masonry and concrete restoration were completed in early September, the upper roof membrane and metal work were installed, and the Plaza Level Green Roof was installed in mid-September.

Tri-Towers Residence Halls Rooms and HVAC Upgrades: Wright Hall
Built in 1968, the Tri-Towers complex consists of two ten-story residence halls, one twelve-story residence hall and a central connecting building for dining and student activities. The complex houses approximately 1,400 students and has received two large-scale, but partial renovations within the last ten years. This project addresses deferred maintenance issues, including aging HVAC infrastructure, building envelope failures, interior room configurations and finishes that were not corrected as part of previous renovations and extending the life of the buildings for another thirty years. Domokur Architects is serving as the Architect of Record to assist with designing and providing project management for all phases of the project. The AOR contracted directly with Scheeser Buckley Mayfield for MEP engineering design. Four Seasons Environmental is under contract with the university to serve as the Commissioning Agent. Gilbane Building Company is serving as Construction Manager at Risk for this project. Construction is being scheduled over a two-year time frame, with the majority of work completed while buildings are unoccupied during the summer breaks of 2013 through 2014. Work in Wright Hall was completed late summer in time for the return of students moving into the hall. Work in Koonce and Leebrick halls will be completed during the summer of 2014. As weather permits, building envelope work continues for the duration of this project.

Tuscarawas Classroom Building (Founder's Hall) Classrooms and Corridors Renovation
Renovations of selected areas on the first floor of the Tuscarawas Classroom Building, designed by KHA, LLC, involved the replacement of ceilings and lights with energy-efficient lighting. Floors that had contained asbestos were abated and replaced with new vinyl tile and base. Furring and drywall were installed over existing concrete block walls. Stitle Construction Corporation's on-site construction was completed in mid-August.

Tuscarawas Classroom Building (Founder's Hall) Library Renovation
Kent State University at Tuscarawas was in need of additional study rooms and conference rooms for student use. Renovations in the Library involved the addition of several student group rooms, private study rooms, and a conference room. Ceilings and lights were replaced with energy-efficient lighting. The room finishes, shelving, and the check-out/reference desk were updated. This project was designed by BHDP Architecture. Stitle Construction Corporation's on-site construction was completed in early August.

Williams Hall Third Floor Multi-Discipline Lab
Kent State University is in need of additional space to expand its research opportunities and create state-of-the-art, flexible, and adaptable laboratory space to recruit high-caliber faculty researchers. The Chemistry/Physics library (approximately 4,780 SF) was converted into a multi-discipline research laboratory for up to five new, primary research faculty members. This project, designed by Van Auken Akins Architects, was a complete renovation of the existing space, including HVAC, electrical distribution, lighting, teledata, plumbing, casework, and architectural finishes. Coastal Quality Construction's work was complete in late spring and the researchers are occupying the lab.