Kent State University Interior Sign Standards Manual

Kent State University Interior Sign Standards Manual

The Kent State University Interior Sign Standards Manual documents the University’s adopted system of interior signage and guides the selection and implementation of these elements. For members of the University Community, this guide provides an understanding of the tools available to guide visitors within their facilities. For consultants or professionals designing, planning and shaping the spaces the University community and its visitors are experiencing, this document will guide their selection, specification of signage to enhance the experience. The success of KSU’s Interior Sign Program hinges upon consistent messaging and application; compliance with the signage program is mandatory.

Among the many University campuses, visitors to Kent may experience a variety of architectural environments. A uniform interior sign program eases wayfinding and reinforces sense of belonging by presenting consistent information to a visitor, from Ashtabula to Geauga to Tuscarawas Campuses. An effective, consistent system of interior wayfinding tools can help those first-time visitors move confidently through facilities to reach their intended destination and provide a positive overall experience along the way.

The KSU Interior Sign Program was developed with the diverse visitor-base in mind. From students, faculty and administrators to extended community members visiting campus buildings, the signage aims to communicate wayfinding information to everyone. The program conforms to the Americans with Disabilities Act recommendations on signage and addresses all relevant building codes.

Recognizing that Kent State University’s signage is a direct extension of its brand, the Interior Sign Program detailed herein proudly displays institutional colors, fonts and brand elements. Sign materials and elements have been selected and designed in line with Kent’s commitment to quality learning and living spaces.

The quantity of interior signs needed to achieve a seamless wayfinding system requires a flexible design with ease of maintenance, updates, replacement and expansion. The KSU Interior Sign Program takes a modular approach, with typical sign panels in 7”, 10” and 18” increments and construction allowing for frequent and convenient message updates.

All naming is coordinated by the Department of Donor Relations and Stewardship and approved by the Kent State University Board of Trustees. The Department of Donor Relations and Stewardship also maintains Donor Recognition Plaque Standards for items that fall short of a naming. These standards require the completion of a Recognition Plaque Request Form and can be requested through the Department of Donor Relations and Stewardship. All donor signage must be reviewed and approved by the executive director of the Department of Donor Relations and Stewardship.

For questions regarding the selection and implementation of KSU Interior Signage, or any inquiries about the information herein, please contact the Office of the University Architect by calling: 330-672-3880.

For any questions regarding or approvals of KSU-branded visual communications, including signage or publications of any sort, please contact University Communications and Marketing by calling: 330-672-2727.