Projects Completed in 2019

Airport Automated Weather Observation System KSU-18F041
At the Kent State University Airport, accurate and current weather data is critical for pilot safety, especially during take-off and landing. An Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS) that reports real-time weather data to pilots was installed at the Airport. Michael Baker International, Inc. designed this project. Hilscher-Clarke Electric Company's on-site construction was completed in late spring. This General Contracting project was funded through grants from the Federal Aviation Administration and ODOT.

Airport New Classroom Building KSU-16L084
Kent State University Airport is used by two flight schools: (1) the College of Applied Engineering, Sustainability, and Technology's flight technology program, which provides professional aeronautical training to Kent State students enrolled in the Aeronautics program; and (2) Commercial Aviation, which provides flight training to the local community. The former instructional facilities were inadequate and inefficient for the growing enrollment in the Kent State program. As part of the Gateway to a Distinctive Kent State Master Plan, the new, free-standing FedEx Aeronautics Academic Center was built to provide space for state-of-the-art instruction and improved aspects of the Airport operations. The new 17,000 square foot building includes classrooms, flight simulators, faculty and administrative offices, airport operations offices and student, pilot and passenger support spaces. AECOM Services of Ohio, Inc. designed this project. Hummel Construction Company's work on the building is complete and the parking lot was installed in time for the start of Fall Semester 2019. FedEx Pledges to Build New Aeronautics Academic Center at Kent State Through Philanthropic Support. Watch a time-lapse video showing the construction of the FedEx Aeronautics Academic Center.

Ashtabula Main Hall Auditorium Renovation KSU-18S202
Ashtabula Main Hall's auditorium was outdated; therefore, limited in its functionality. The stage did not meet ADA standards, seating had surpassed its life expectancy, and the technology was outdated. The Auditorium was renovated and upgraded to meet the current and future needs of the Ashtabula Campus. The scope of work involved ADA access, all new finishes, seating for 200 and updated technology. Since it was no longer be needed, the stage was removed. Van Auken Akins Architects, LLC designed this project . Stitle Construction Corporation's on-site construction was completed late this spring.

Ashtabula Main Hall Corridor B100 Renovation KSU-19L202
Ashtabula Main Hall Corridor B100 was renovated this summer. Work included replacement of the mosaic floor, removal of vinyl wall covering, replacement of windows on two floors, replacement of the ceiling and lighting, and installation of a sprinkler system. Payto Architects, Inc. designed this project. Stitle Construction Corporation's on-site construction was completed this summer.

Dunbar Hall Air Conditioning KSU-19L022
Air conditioning was installed in Dunbar Hall by extending the chilled water system, running chilled water piping throughout the building, and replacing 2-pipe vertical fan coil units with 4-pipe vertical fan coil units. All heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems were designed to meet the university’s energy and sustainability goals. Finish work involved patching/repairing adjacent construction areas. All rooms were completed and ready for occupancy in early August. Dynamix Engineering, Ltd. was the Architect/Engineer and Gilbane Building Company served as the Construction Manager at Risk of this project.

Eastway Residence Halls Window Replacements and Masonry Repair: Allyn and Clark Halls KSU-18L133
Eastway Complex is comprised of four residence halls: Allyn, Clark, Fletcher and Manchester halls; these buildings were built in 1963. The original windows and storefront systems will be replaced and portions of the masonry envelope will be repaired. Upgrades to these systems are in line with the university’s sustainability goals. The glazing systems have ACM materials within their glazing compounds and perimeter sealants and their removal will require proper abatement procedures. Construction was completed in Allyn and Clark halls this summer. During summer 2020, construction is scheduled to occur in Fletcher and Manchester halls to allow minimal disruption to summer housing needs. Stitle Construction Corporation is serving as the Design-Builder.

Field House Turf Replacement KSU-19L087
The Field House original indoor field turf was installed in 2003. The turf and padding was removed and replaced with new synthetic turf, shock pad, and infill to match specifications of new turf at Dix Stadium. Rubber transition was provided at existing track surface and the existing asphalt base and crown will remain. This project was designed by OSports. FieldTurf USA, Inc.'s construction was completed in December.

Gateway Master Plan Phase I Enabling Projects KSU-18L132
The former glass studio space in the Schwartz Center was renovated and ROTC offices moved out of Terrace Hall to relocate there in early August. This is one of the enabling projects associated with the Midway Drive gateway area and adjacent new buildings, as addressed in the Gateway to a Distinctive Kent State Master Plan. Construction Support Solutions, LLC served as the Design-Builder of this project.

MACC Annex Basketball and Volleyball Development Center and Fashion Design Studio Relocation KSU-18L053
The MACC Annex was renovated to create a new, 10,000 square foot multi-sport development center with multiple practice court configurations to support Men’s and Women’s Basketball and Volleyball programs. New lighting modifications and new athletic wood flooring were installed to match the performance characteristics of the competition courts in the MAC Center. The development center was fully enclosed with wall partitions to deck to provide acoustic privacy for the teams and surrounding academic areas; visual connections through glass openings promote a sense of pride and excitement in Kent State’s athletic teams. The School of Fashion Design and Merchandising studios and classrooms moved out of Terrace Hall and relocated into renovated, adjacent spaces once. This is part of the enabling projects associated with the Midway Drive gateway area and adjacent new buildings, as addressed in the Gateway to a Distinctive Kent State Master Plan. Studios and classrooms were built on the first floor and also on a new second level. New egress tie-in of the second floor and a new, two-stop elevator were installed. Braun & Steidl, Architects, Inc. designed this project. Infinity Construction Company's punch list work is being completed.

Rockwell Hall Roof Replacement KSU-18S136
Rockwell Hall's roofing system was no longer repairable. The existing, built-up roofing system and roof insulation were removed and replaced with a new, more durable, warrantable, and energy efficient roofing system. A weather barrier, metal wall panels and metal coping cap were installed. Van Auken Akins Architects, LLC designed this project. Boak & Sons, Inc.'s on-site construction was completed at the end of December.

Salem Main Classroom Building Areas A, B, E, G, and U Re-Roof KSU-19S502
Areas A, B, E, G, and U of the roof on the Salem Main Classroom Building will be removed and replaced with a new roofing system including new insulation. This project was designed in-house by the Office of the University Architect. Tusing Builders, Ltd.'s on-site construction was completed in December.

Satterfield Hall HVAC Replacement KSU-19S009
The original HVAC system in Satterfield Hall could no longer maintain heating and cooling conditions nor humidity levels and it was very noisy. The first phase of this project involves installation of a new central HVAC unit, piping and ductwork with VAV boxes located above the ceilings in each classroom on the first floor. The second phase of this project will continue in 2020 with the installation of the new system on the second and third floors. Dynamix Engineering, Ltd. designed this multiple-phased project. Stitle Construction Corporation was the General Contractor. This Capitally-funded, General Contracting project is being managed via OAKS-CI.

Student Center Second Floor Restroom Renovations KSU-19L030
During summer, the men's and women's restrooms on the second floor (rooms 215, 215-B, 219) of the Student Center were gutted and completely renovated. Asbestos was abated, chase walls were rebuilt to eliminate structural cracking, and vertical piping was removed and replaced. New tile finishes and flooring were installed throughout each restroom. The new layout meets ADA compliance requirements. Van Auken Akins Architects, LLC designed this project. Stitle Construction Corporation was the General Contractor.

Trumbull Library-Theater Building HVAC Modifications KSU-18S704
In the Trumbull Library-Theater Building, the existing Carrier moduline VAV diffusers were replaced with new VAV terminal boxes, new piping, controls and power to convert failed moduline units from a multi-zone configuration to a VAV distributed zone layout with reheat to provide better area temperature control and provide energy options and reductions. PTA Engineering, Inc. designed this project. York Mahoning Mechanical Contractors' construction is nearing completion.

Trumbull Science and Technology Building Nursing Department Relocation and Renovation KSU-19L702
Trumbull's Nursing program is currently located within the Main Classroom Building near the Library-Theater area; this space no longer serves the program properly. Vacant areas within the Science and Technology Building are being renovated for the full Nursing program which will then be consolidated into a single area. SoL Harris/Day Architecture, Inc. designed this project. United Contractors of North East Ohio, Inc.'s is completing punch list work. This General Contracting project is being managed via OAKS-CI.

Tuscarawas Founders Hall HVAC Upgrade KSU-18S801
The existing mechanical systems in Tuscarawas Founders Hall were upgraded and phased-in over a period of time; the former electric-based system was converted to a hydronic system. Regency Construction Services, Inc. served as the Design-Builder of this project.

Tuscarawas New Campus Entry Road KSU-16L803
Kent State University at Tuscarawas' campus encompasses 170 acres and includes four major buildings connected by east/west pedestrian walks. Five major interconnected parking lots exist, primarily south of Founders Hall and north of the campus loop road, Founders Hall Drive. A new, vehicular boulevard entrance to the Tuscarawas Campus was built from university-owned frontage along East High Avenue eastward towards Founders Hall Drive. A new intersection at East High Avenue and 21st Street, new campus entry signage, pedestrian sidewalks, roadway landscaping, lighting, stormwater protection, and a bridge crossing Beaver Dam Creek were also a part of this project. Landscaping was installed along the new access drive to provide a buffer for the adjacent residential properties to the south. Evans, Mechwart, Hambleton & Tilton, Inc. (EMH&T) designed this project. Tucson, Inc.'s on-site work was completed in late spring. On May 2, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to officially open the new entranceway.