Regulations for Parking at Construction Sites

Parking permits are required for all personnel working on Kent State University projects and must be obtained from Kent State University’s Parking Services division.

Parking permits can only be purchased through Kent State University Parking Services, located on the Kent Campus in room 123 Michael Schwartz Center (at the corner of Summit Street and Morris Road), telephone: 330-672-4432. Applications for permits are accessible online; please reference the Construction Parking Permit Website.

Parking permit rates will be calculated at $7.00 per week or $12.74 per month.

Kent State University Parking Services will assign designated construction project parking areas based upon the time of year, project size and location. These locations might not be adjacent to the construction sites or within walking distance.

Construction Contractors, Design Associates, and Consultants are required to obtain permits for all personal and company vehicles that will be accessing the construction sites and transporting manpower to and from the Kent Campus. Large, specialty-type construction vehicles, such as cranes and bulldozers, and delivery vehicles, such as concrete mixers and supply trucks that are only dropping off and picking up material, do not have to obtain parking permits.

Parking is strictly prohibited in metered parking spaces, in special parking areas, in fire lanes, in service areas, on the lawns or on the sidewalks.

Construction Contractors, Design Associates, and Consultants are permitted to park at no cost only at the Kent State University Field House parking area (east side of the Dix Football Stadium on Summit Street). Parking permits for the Field House parking area must still be obtained and displayed, but will be issued by Parking Services at no cost.

If the Kent State University parking privileges are abused, the University reserves the right to rescind the privilege to park near the project site and require the Construction Contractor, Design Associate, or Consultant to park remotely and utilize public transportation or carpool to the site.

Kent State University Office of the University Architect does not have access or authority to distribute, create or change parking assignments.