Science Mall Art

Title: “Arrival”
Artist: Sally Rogers
Medium: Stainless Steel and Granite
Completion Date: 2019

Science Mall
Integrated Sciences Building, Cunningham Hall, Smith Hall and Williams Hall
Lefton Esplanade 
Kent, Ohio 44242-0001

Funded through the Ohio Percent for Arts Program, "Arrival" by Sally Rogers is a stainless steel and granite sculpture located outside on the west side of the Integrated Sciences Building.

“From the dinosaurs to modern aeronautics, birds spread their proverbial wings over a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines, including paleontology, biology, zoology, geology, chemistry, and physics. They reflect the concepts of evolution, of climate adaptation, of migratory patterns, and of DNA variations and mutations. They are echoed in fossils of previous life forms, help us define the chronological Ages of the planet, and present to us the physics of flight. Feathers are a timeless symbol encompassing both ancient history, as well as current transformations in the natural world.

A feather also serves as a visual metaphor for the journey into the future that students embark upon at institutions of higher learning. And, purely and simply, a feather is an object of great beauty and delightful variation.”