Female Filmmakers Initiative

This organization aspires to break down barriers for women in filmmaking.

Students are content producers and content is focused on women's interest and issues. The organization's mission is to provide a content platform that serves as a place for the women's perspective in film.

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In an industry that is dominated by men, it’s important that women come together to empower and support one another. Thus became FFI, the Female Filmmaker's Initiative at Kent State University. The organization first formed in the Fall of 2019, driven by the lack of women representation in Kent State’s Digital Media Production Program. With the help of an award-winning filmmaker and Kent State professor, Dana White, FFI took its first steps at building a strong community of passionate female artists. 

Through FFI, female students are able to explore their artistic skills by having the opportunity to create their own short films and projects. This will provide hands-on experience and cultivate relationships that serve to be beneficial in the professional space.