Embed a Kaltura Video in the Canvas Rich Content Editor


Instructors and students can embed Kaltura videos in their Canvas courses anywhere that the rich text editor appears (including pages, assignments, discussion posts, etc.).

1. Access Apps

In the Canvas rich content editor, click the Apps button in the toolbar.  If you do not see the Apps button in the rich content editor toolbar, click the More Options (ellipsis) button in the top right corner to view additional tools.

Canvas rich content editor toolbar: Apps button


2. Select Kaltura Media App

From the menu, select Embed Kaltura Media app.

All Apps menu: Embed Kaltura Media option

Note: If you have never used the Kaltura App within Canvas before, you will need to authorize it first (a message will pop up).

3. Select Video to Embed

You will see a gallery of your Kaltura videos.  Search for the video you want to embed, and then click the Embed button next to the desired video.

Embed Kaltura Media menu: Select video

Your video will be embedded in the rich content editor.

Be sure to save the page/assignment/discussion post when you are finished.

Canvas rich content editor: embedded video


Updated August 2021 by Katie Baer, M.Ed., Instructional Designer