Faculty & Departmental Advisors

Faculty and Department Roles within Academic Advising

  • As a primary expert in their field of research they may provide advice for internships, graduate school, and careers
  • Assist with major/minor elective courses, and sequencing

Africana Studies

Africana StudiesDr. Kumah-AbiwuOscar Ritchie Hallfkumahab@kent.edu330-672-2300


Archaeology (B.S.)Dr. Eren215 Lowry Hallmeren@kent.edu330-672-9353
Biological Anthropology (B.S.)Dr. Meindl222 Lowry Hallrmeindl@kent.edu330-672-4363
Biological Anthropology (B.S.)Dr. Tosi238 Lowry Hallatosi@kent.edu330-672-5121
Cultural Anthropology (B.A.)Dr. Cimino236 Lowry Hallacimino1@kent.edu330-672-3043
Forensic Anthropology MinorDr. Spurlock235-237 Lowry Halllspurloc@kent.edu330-672-5972
Forensic Anthropology MinorDr. Tosi238 Lowry Hallatosi@kent.edu330-672-5121

Bioethics and Health Humanities Minor

Bioethics and Health Humanities MinorDr. Barnbaum320 Bowman Halldbarnbau@kent.edu330-672-2315

Biological Sciences

To request a permit (Special Approval/Prerequisite) to enroll in a course offered through Biological Sciences, please email bscipermit@kent.edu
Undergraduate Coordinator;
Transfer Student and Regional Campus;
Student Faculty Advisor Assignments 
Dr. Kooijman256 Cunningham Hall ekooijma@kent.edu330-672-8568
Academic AdvisorJoan Iacobacci256 Cunningham Halljiacobac@kent.edu330-672-2984
Biology B.A.; Last Names A-LDr. Vash121 Cunningham Hall svash@kent.edu330-672-3617
Biology B.A.; Last Names M-ZDr. Redfearn017 Cunningham Hall jredfear@kent.edu330-672-1398
Biology- Molecular/Cellular; Last Names A-GDr. Lamichhaney 245 Cunningham Hall slamichh@kent.edu330-672-2764
Biology- Molecular/Cellular; Last Names H-PDr. Kurokawa108 Cunningham Hallmkurokaw@kent.edu330-672-2979
Biology- Molecular/Cellular; Last Names Q-ZDr. Clements251D Integrated Sciences Buildingrclement@kent.edu330-672-2720
Biology- Organismal; Last Names A-HDr. Bade 119 Cunningham Hall dbade@kent.edu330-672-4639
Biology- Organismal; Last Names I-ZDr. Mou (on leave Spring 2024--contact Joan Iacobacci at jiacobac@kent.edu) 251B Integrated Sciences Buildingxmou@kent.edu330-672-3625
BiotechnologyDr. M. Kim312G Williams Hallmkim15@kent.edu330-672-1445
Botany Dr. Ward115A Cunningham Halldward2@kent.edu330-672-9394
Environmental & Conservation BiologyDr. de Szalay 205 Cunningham Hall fdeszala@kent.edu330-672-7936
Medical Laboratory ScienceDr. Chiu105 Cunningham Hall cchiu5@kent.edu330-672-2945
Neuroscience; Last Names A-JDr. Chung229 Cunningham Hallwchung@kent.edu330-672-3641
Neuroscience; Last Names K-ZDr. Piet211 Cunningham Hallrpiet@kent.edu330-672-2765
Biology- Pre-Medicine; Last Names A-ClDr. Hegmann 251A Integrated Sciences Buildingehegmann@kent.edu330-672-1584
Biology- Pre-Medicine; Last Names Co-HaDr. W. Kim 18 Cunningham Hall wkim2@kent.edu330-672-7888
Biology- Pre-Medicine; Last Names He-NaJoan Iacobacci 256 Cunningham Halljiacobac@kent.edu330-672-3613
Biology- Pre-Medicine; Last Names Ne-SeDr. McDonough 251H Integrated Sciences Buildingjmcdonou@kent.edu330-672-2388
Biology- Pre-Medicine; Last Names Sh-ZDr. Novak 233 Cunningham Hall cnovak13@kent.edu330-672-2306
Zoology; Last Names A-CDr. Grafton 43 Cunningham Hall bgrafton@kent.edu330-672-2935
Zoology; Last Names D-GDr. Tinkler 27 Cunningham Hall gtinkler@kent.edu330-672-3912
Zoology; Last Names H-LDr. Hoeh 15 Cunningham Hall whoeh@kent.edu330-672-9573
Zoology; Last Names M-RDr. L. Leff 52 Cunningham Hall lleff@kent.edu330-672-3788
Zoology; Last Names S-ZDr. Kershner49 Cunningham Hallmkershne@kent.edu330-672-2738
Pre-Vet (any Dept. of Biological Sciences major)Dr. A. Leff130 Cunningham Hallaleff@kent.edu330-672-8369
Pre-Dental (any Dept. of Biological Sciences major)Joan Iacobacci256 Cunningham Halljiacobac@kent.edu330-672-3613


(B.S.) Chemistry with Chemistry or Industrial Chemistry concentration;
(B.A.) Chemistry
Dr. Bunge 311E Williams Hallsbunge@kent.edu 330-672-9445
(B.S.) BiochemistryDr. Bunge, Dr. Seed, Dr. Zheng 311E Willimas Hall, 134 Integrated Sciences Building, 236 Integrated Sciences Buildingsbunge@kent.edu, aseed@kent.edu, yzheng7@kent.edu330-672-9445, 330-672-9528, 330-672-2267
(B.S.) Biochemistry/Prepharmacy concentrationDr. Stroup 138 Science Research Buildingdstroup1@kent.edu330-672-3352
(B.S.) Biochemistry -- Pre-Medicine/Pre-Osteopathy/Pre-Dentistry concentrationDr. Stroup 138 Science Research Buildingdstroup1@kent.edu330-672-3352
Chemistry MinorDr. Bunge 311E Williams Hallsbunge@kent.edu330-672-9445
Transfer students and course substitutionsDr. Seed 134 Science Research Buildingaseed@kent.edu330-672-9528
University of Leicester Exchange ProgramDr. Seed 134 Science Research Buildingaseed@kent.edu330-672-9528

Computer Science

General inquiries (including prerequisite overrides) should be directed to ugradinfo@cs.kent.edu.
All programsDr. Augustine Samba (lead advisor)272 Math and Computer Scienceasamba@kent.edu330-672-9980
All programsDr. Maha Allouzi272 Math and Computer Sciencemallouzi@kent.edu330-672-9102
All programsDr. Gokarna Sharma266 Math and Computer Sciencegsharma2@kent.edu330-672-9065
All programsDr. William (Bill) Reed272 Math and Computer Sciencewreed6@kent.edu330-672-9060
All programsDr. Jong-Hoon Kim236 Math and Computer Sciencejkim72@kent.edu330-672-9060

Criminology/Justice Studies

Refer to Sociology


(B.A.) EconomicsDr. Sahajdack454 Business Adm.tsahajda@kent.edu 330-672-1085


To request a permit (Special Approval/Prerequisite) to enroll in an English course, please email engpermit@kent.edu
Undergraduate Coordinator; EnglishDr. Hediger 209-C Satterfieldrhediger@kent.edu330-672-1741
EnglishMindy Mattingly Uhrig 201-F Satterfieldmuhrig1@kent.edu330-672-1719
BA Major: Teaching English as a Second LanguageAyham Abuzeid 203-C Satterfieldaabuzeid@kent.edu330-672-4043
Creative Writing Minor;
Professional and Technical Writing Minor
Mindy Mattingly Uhrig 201-F Satterfieldmuhrig1@kent.edu330-672-1719

Environmental Studies

Refer to Geography


Geography major and minorDr. Widner 405 McGilvreyewidner@kent.edu330-672-3226
Environmental Studies (major and minor)Dr. Kaplan  440 McGilvreydkaplan@kent.edu330-389-3221
Climate Change minorDr. Cameron Lee 433 McGilvreycclee@kent.edu330-672-0360
GIS minorDr. Scholl 407 McGilvreyascholl1@kent.edu330-672-7669
Urban Studies minorDr. Kaplan 440 McGilvreydkaplan@kent.edu330-672-3221

Earth Sciences

All programsDr. Rowan 337 McGilvreycrowan5@kent.edu330-672-7428
All programsDr. Wells 131-A McGIlvreynwells@kent.edu330-672-2951
All programsDr. Schweitzer 345 McGilvreycschweit@kent.edu330-672-3303 or 330-672-2505


All Majors & MinorsAll History faculty serve as advisors for the major/minor. Visit the office hours of any faculty member or schedule a meeting with any faculty member 305 Bowman Hallhistory@kent.edu 330-672-2882

Integrative Studies

Refer to Bachelor of Integrative Studies in Multidisciplinary Social Sciences and Humanities

International Relations

Refer to Multidisciplinary Social Sciences and Humanities

Jewish Studies

Refer to Multidisciplinary Social Sciences and Humanities

Mathematical Sciences

Assistant Chair; All Programs Dr. Davidson 314 MSBmdavidso@kent.edu330-672-9040
Undergraduate Coordinator; All Programs Dr. Zheng 320 MSBxzheng3@kent.edu330-672-9089
 (B.S.) Actuarial Mathematics Dr. Kracht 347 MSBdkracht@kent.edu330-672-9093

Medical Laboratory Science

Refer to Biological Sciences Department

Modern and Classical Language Studies

Declared majors and minors should check their GPS audit to find their faculty advisor. All unassigned students and prospective students should contact the faculty listed below.
American Sign LanguageDr. Carduner (ASL major and minor advising)305 B Satterfield Hall jcardune@kent.edu330-672-1806
American Sign LanguageDr. Nehring (ASL Placement)308 G Satterfield Halllnehring@kent.edu330-672-1808
Arabic minorDr. Carduner305 B Satterfield Hall jcardune@kent.edu330-672-1806
Chinese minorProf. Hui Yu309 F Satterfield Hall hyu5@kent.edu330-672-1863
Classics/LatinDr. Harvey308 B Satterfield Hall bkharvey@kent.edu330-672-1804
Education Minor & Teacher LicensureDr. Chism101C Satterfield Hall rlchism@kent.edu330-672-1825
FrenchDr. De Julio305 C Satterfield Hall mdejulio@kent.edu330-672-1807
GermanDr. Rossoll309 Satterfield Hall hrossoll@kent.edu330-672-1833
GermanDr. Koby109 C Satterfield Hall gkoby@kent.edu330-672-1814
Italian minorProf. Stephanie Siciarz109 D Satterfield Hall ssiciarz@kent.edu330-672-1810
Italian Studies minorDr. Stasiowski128 B Bowman Hall kstasiow@kent.edu330-672-1809
Japanese minorProf. Eriko Tanaka309 F Satterfield Hall etanaka1@kent.edu330-672-1803
RussianJessica Russell 109 Satterfield Hall jrusse33@kent.edu330-672-2215
RussianDr. Baer307 B Satterfield Hall bbaer@kent.edu330-672-1813
SpanishDr. Carduner 309 B Satterfield Hall jcardune@kent.edu330-672-1806
 Prof. Dzero306 C Satterfield Hallidzero@kent.edu330-672-1824
(B.S.) TranslationDr. Koby109 C Satterfield Hall gkoby@kent.edu330-672-1814
Newly declared MCLS majors seeking faculty advisor assignments;
Transfer course evaluations;
Alternative credit; 
Special approval/overrides for non-language majors;
Foreign language waivers for native speakers of another language
Dr. Carduner 305B Satterfield Hall jcardune@kent.edu330-672-1806

Multidisciplinary Social Sciences and Humanities, School of

Gender and Sexuality StudiesDr. Barnes113 Bowmanabarnes@kent.edu330-672-8947
International StudiesDr. Mazzei113 Bowmanjmassei@kent.edu330-672-6774
Paralegal StudiesProf. Paar Conroy113 Bowmanapaar@kent.edu330-672-4148
Bachelor of Integrative Studies (BIS)Dr. Odell-Scott113 Bowmandodellsc@kent.edu330-672-2062
Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance StudiesDr. Starkey (Kent)Kent Campuslstarke3@kent.edu330-672-6774
Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance StudiesDr. Martinez (Stark)Stark Campusamart108@kent.edu330-672-6774
Jewish StudiesProf. Kessler113 Bowmanckessle7@kent.edu330-672-6774
Latin American StudiesDr. Mazzei113 Bowmanjmazzei@kent.edu330-672-6774
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer StudiesDr. Vachon113 Bowmanlvachon@kent.edu330-672-6774
Paralegal StudiesProf. Paar Conroy113 Bowmanapaar@kent.edu330-672-6774
Religion StudiesDr. Odell-Scott113 Bowmandodellsc@kent.edu330-672-6774
Studies in Globalization, Identity, and SpaceDr. Mazzei113 Bowmanjmazzei@kent.edu330-672-6774
Urban StudiesDr. Kaplan440 McGilvreydkaplan@kent.edu330-672-3221
Women's StudiesDr. Holt113 Bowmanslholt@kent.edu330-672-6772
World Literature and CulturesDr. Mazzei113 Bowmanjmazzei@kent.edu330-672-6774

Paralegal Studies

Refer to Multidisciplinary Social Sciences and Humanities

Peace and Conflict Studies, School of

Undergraduate Coordinator/AdvisorProf. Cunningham 113D McGilvrey Hallkcunning@kent.edu330-672-8943
Undergraduate AdvisorAssoc. Prof. Bleak 115A McGilvrey Halljbleak@kent.edu330-672-0355
Graduate AdvisorDr. Hancock 113B McGilvrey Halllhancoc2@kent.edu330-672-0904


All ProgramsDr. Kim Garchar 320 Bowman Hallkgarchar@kent.edu330-672-0276


Undergraduate Coordinator; Physics Dr. Hamza Balci 123 Science Research Buildinghbalci@kent.edu330-672-2577
PhysicsDr. Balci 123 Science Research Bldghbalci@kent.edu330-672-2577
PhysicsDr. Katramatou 303 Smith Hallakatrama@kent.edu330-672-0330
PhysicsDr. Mann 140 Science Research Buildingemann@kent.edu330-672-9750
PhysicsDr. Secaur 120 Smith Halljsecaur@kent.edu330-672-2246
PhysicsDr. Selinger 321 AMLCIrselinge@kent.edu330-672-1582
PhysicsDr. Strickland 206B Smith Hallmstrick6@kent.edu330-672-3771
Pre-Medicine/Pre-Osteopathy/Pre-PodiatryDr. Mann 140 Science Research Buildingemann@kent.edu330-672-9750
SPS AdvisorDr. Petratos 314 Smith Hallgpetrato@kent.edu330-672-5408
Transfer Credit; Transient CourseworkDr. Almasan 002 Science Research Bldg.calmasan@kent.edu330-672-2402

Political Science

All Political Science majors have an assigned faculty advisor in the department. Please call the main office at (330) 672-2060 to be connected to this individual.
Undergraduate CoordinatorDr. Ensley 302 Bowman Hallmensley@kent.edu330-672-8933
Washington and Columbus ProgramsDr. Schmidt 302 Bowman Hallsschmi16@kent.edu330-672-2060

Pre-Law Minor

Pre-Law MinorDr. Banks 302 Bowman Hallcbanks6@kent.edu330-672-0908


Learn how to connect to a faculty advisor in the Department of Psychological Sciences HERE.
TitleAdvisorBuilding LocationEmailPhone
Psychological Sciences Undergraduate Coordinator & Bachelor of Science in Psychology with Pre-medicine concentration Dr. Folk205 Kent Hall Additionjfolk@kent.edu330-672-4095
Psychological Sciences Undergraduate Departmental AdvisorDebra Penberthy144H Kent Halldpenbert@kent.edu330-672-0665


TitleAdvisorBuilding LocationEmailPhone
Criminology & Justice Studies and Sociology CoordinatorDr. Taylor304 Merrill Hallttaylo36@kent.edu330-672-9474
Criminology & Justice Studies and Sociology Academic AdvisorRebecca Cash315/319 Merrill Hallrcash5@kent.edu330-672-9007