East Liverpool Honors Program

Want to challenge yourself intellectually? Want to stand out from the crowd?
Learn how to ENRICH your college experience. 

You are invited to participate in Kent State East Liverpool's enrichment/honors program. 

Receive information about the benefits and features of the program:

  • Open to students in any major
  • Study-abroad opportunities
  • Personal academic advisor
  • Priority registration
  • Social events/field trips
  • Participation in undergraduate research
  • Career advising/resume building/mock interviews
  • Individual honors work
  • Optional senior honors thesis/project/portfolio
  • Community service opportunities/campus service opportunities
  • Graduation with honors distinction
  • Connection to Kent State University's Honors College and alumni chapter


It is recommended that you meet the following criteria to be a successful member of the Honors Program:

Incoming freshmen

  • Minimum high school GPA of 3.3 or higher
  • ACT composite of 24

Continuing and transfer students

Contact an honors program advisor for eligibility criteria. This includes a minimum GPA of 3.3 in college work. Continuing and transfer students are often admitted to the Honors Program.

Application process:

Applying to the Honors Program is a simple process which involves an application, a 300-word essay and one letter of recommendation. Having all of these pieces allows the honors coordinators to see more than just grades and standardized test scores. The application is for both new and current students. Students currently enrolled at the university and transfer students can apply for admission to the program as late as the end of their junior year.

Freshman Honors Program scholarship application:

If you are an incoming freshman who would like to be considered for an Honors Program scholarship, please contact the appropriate campus below.

Honors curriculum:

As an honors student you are not expected to take all honors courses. You may schedule designated honors courses, contract regular courses into honors courses or create a course of your own design through an approved Individual Honors Investigation. Honors courses demand more class participation on your part, as well as an increase in writing assignments. Because of the small class sizes, more responsibility for learning is placed on you, the student.

Graduation with honors:

Depending on the challenge you choose to pursue, there are different levels of distinction with which you can graduate. By completing the minimum requirements you can graduate with good standing. Or, strive for the highest level and graduate with University Honors! Whatever your aspirations, an honors academic advisor is always available to assist you with reaching your utmost academic potential.

To enter the Honors program after the first semester of college, a GPA of 3.3 is normally required. Based on the year of entry, the number of Honors courses required to graduate with honors is adjusted. Application to the Honors Program requires one letter of recommendation, a 300-word essay and the completed application form.  

Kent State University at East Liverpool applications may be submitted electronically via email to Dr. Lydia Rose, coordinator and academic advisor, at lrose17@kent.edu, or in person by dropping them at the Information Desk, located on the second floor of Purinton Hall.