Staff and Faculty Technology Equipment Reservations

Have you arrived on campus and realized you forgot the AC adapter for your laptop at home or need to borrow a mouse for the day? No problem, we are here to help. We keep a limited number of spare devices available for staff and faculty members. 

In an effort to balance limited human resources and material supplies with faculty and staff needs, the Kent State Geauga Campus and Twinsburg Academic Center Information Technology department has implemented a process for equipment reservations:

Common Availability Equipment:

This equipment is commonly available and can be checked out for use for short periods of time (not to exceed 2 business days).
Examples of this type of equipment include:

  • Power strip / extension cord
  • Computer mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Video adapter for your notebook
  • Wireless presenter tool
  • AC adapter for notebook
  • Flash Drive

Limited Availability Equipment:

This equipment is available on a limited basis and reservations need to be scheduled prior to issuance. The help desk will confirm availability upon submission of a reservation request.
Examples of this type of equipment include:

  • Data projector
  • Test Card Scanner (DataLink 600)
  • Portable event speaker
  • Event Microphone and Cable
  • Single notebook computer
  • USB Webcam
  • Mobile Computer Cart (20 Notebooks)

How do I request to reserve equipment?

For common availability equipment, simply stop by the Information Technology office at either site to request such a device. If available, a device can be signed out to a faculty or staff member with a simple form and then returned within two business days.

For limited availability equipment, the request will need to be scheduled beforehand. An equipment request can be filled out online. Once the local I.T. Helpdesk confirms availability, then a device can be signed out to a faculty or a staff member. Please note that these items are due to be returned to the point of issue within one business day of issuance. To ensure others have access to limited availability equipment, there will be no extensions or renewals for this type of equipment reservations.

Special notes concerning the mobile computer cart:

  • What you will receive is a wheeled cart containing up to twenty fully charged notebook computers. These devices will both auto-connect to the Kent State wireless network and will auto-login to the desktop. You may dispense the devices to the students or allow them to remove and return them to the cart after usage. Please ensure all devices are back in the cart after your session.
  • You are welcome to stop by and test the machines in advance of your need to use the machines. If you identify something that you feel requires a change to the current setup of the machines for academic purposes, please allow five business days lead time for review/approval of any change and completion of said changes.

Special notes concerning the Apperson Test Card Scanner:

  • There are two permanently affixed Apperson model 1200 test card scanners that are available at all times. One is located in Burton in the Faculty Workroom (room 152), the other is located in the Twinsburg Faculty Work Room (room 202A). These are to remain in their locations to better serve all faculty in need of their usage.
  • The test card scanner that is available to be reserved and signed-out is an Apperson model 600. Please note that this test card scanner uses cards that are not compatible with the two model 1200 scanners. During the reservation process, you will have the ability to select which forms for the model 600 will be needed.
  • These are the forms that are currently available for use with the Apperson 600:
  • As we have just one Apperson 600 test card scanner available to be reserved, please reserve not less than two business days prior to the need so that we can transport the device as needed between our two locations.