Lofting Furniture

Building Loft Furniture Instructions

Where can I loft my furniture?

Loftable furniture is available in: Allyn, Clark, Dunbar, Fletcher, Manchester, Johnson, Koonce, Korb, Stopher, Lake, Olson, Prentice, and Wright Halls and Centennial Courts A, B, C, D, E, F. Loftable furniture is not provided in Beall Hall, Leebrick Hall, or McDowell Hall. Instructions for arranging your provided room furniture into a loft or bunk configuration are available below:


Quad, New Front, Centennial Courts, And Korb LOFTING INSTRUCTIONS


EASTWAY, Koonce and Wright Hall Lofting Instructions



Building your own loft?

Download Lofting Instructions (PDF) Review Lofting Guidelines (PDF)