National Residence Hall Honorary


The National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) is an organization consisting of the top 1% of student leaders in the residence halls on campus. NRHH is founded on four pillars, leadership, service, scholastics, and recognition. While NRHH promotes all of these pillars, arguably the most important to the organization is recognition through their campus wide Of The Month awards (OTM’s). These awards are a fantastic way to recognize someone who you feel is in need of recognition, either because they ran a fantastic program, taught a great class, or were just a good friend.

Should an OTM win the campus level, it will be submitted to our regional competition, where it will compete with 49 other institutions in the central Atlantic region, CAACURH, and should it win there, it will move on to our national affiliate, NACURH, the largest student run organization in the world. We are also given the unique opportunity to attend conferences through both of these organizations and network with other students from across the world.

Every school that has an NRHH chapter  gets to select a chapter title. In honor of our furry friends on campus, we selected the Black Squirrel Chapter as our title. If you think you’d make a great black squirrel, or you’re just looking for more information feel free to contact or visit us:

On-Campus: KIC/NRHH Office in Tri-Towers