Before You Apply for CCP

Students seeking admission into the College Credit Plus program must demonstrate college readiness by meeting state remediation-free standards.

Admission Standards & Test Scores Needed

Kent State University Geauga and Twinsburg Academic Center determine college readiness by using Cumulative GPA, ACCUPLACER, ACT, or SAT scores.

To be accepted into the program, students should meet one of the following remediation-free standards:

Subject ACT SAT Accuplacer Cumulative GPA
English 18 Evidence-Based Accuplacer WritePlacer®: 5+ 3.0
Reading 22 Reading & Writing: 480 Accuplacer Reading Comprehension: 250+ 3.0
Mathematics 22 530 N/A 3.0
  • If a student has a cumulative unweighted high school grade point average of at least 2.75 but less than 3.00, eligibility may be determined by ACT/SAT scores or through the Accuplacer exam (see above). A student may also be eligible if they have received "A" or "B" grades in three of four relevant high school courses (English, math, social studies, or science).
  • Middle school students must take the Accuplacer assessment to determine eligibility.
  • If the student has taken the Accuplacer, ACT or SAT, have your scores submitted to Kent State Geauga and Twinsburg Academic Center.
  • Students should have a CCP application on file before they take any placement testing with Kent State Geauga and Twinsburg Academic Center.

Register for ACCUPLACER Reading and WritePlacer® Testing

  • Students who wish to take courses in mathematics or take courses that have a mathematics prerequisite will also be required to complete the university’s ALEKS math placement assessment to determine college readiness in mathematics.
  • Foreign language placement assessments may be required for students wishing to take foreign language classes beyond Elementary I.

ACT & SAT Information


  • Kent State Geauga and Twinsburg Academic Center ACT code is 3224

  • You are not required to take ACT Plus Writing
  • Learn more about the ACT


Questions to Ask Your School Counselor and Your Parents

Students interested in College Credit Plus (CCP) are encouraged to meet with their guidance counselor and family network to discuss the preparation and demands of college coursework. College-level courses are taught at an accelerated pace. There is a need for students to have self-responsibility, independence for learning, and the ability to think critically. Students and families need to consider travel to and from campus in addition to any extracurricular activities and other high school obligations.

It is important that you have a good understanding of your school district’s policies, as well as the policies of the college you choose to attend.