Class Project Agreement

The Honors College permits students to create an Honors section of a standard KSU non-Honors course with the approval of the course instructor. The goal of the Class Project Agreement (CPA) is to provide students with an enriched educational experience through a course in their major or other field of interest. All extra course work is due no later than the last day of regular classes for the course UNLESS otherwise agreed upon in writing by the faculty member and the student.

Eligibility and Requirements

  • The student must have held membership in the Honors College for at least 1semester prior to the CPA and have completed at least 1 Honors class.
  • Only upper-division, letter-graded KSU classes may be used with the CPA.
  • Students may complete only 2 CPAs per semester and a maximum of 9 credit hours of CPA per undergraduate degree.
  • The CPA can only be used for traditional in-person courses.
  • The CPA cannot be used for a class section already offered as Honors in that current term.
  • In consultation with the instructor, create a proposal (250 words minimum) describing the Honors component of the class (next section).

Please click the link below to access a list of Honors College student forms.

Honors College Student Forms