Senior Honors Portfolio

The Senior Portfolio is a graded one-credit-hour project which involves the collection of 8-10 artifacts from a student's undergraduate career accompanied by a reflective paper that explains how each artifact contributed to the student's intellectual and/or personal growth.

The Senior Portfolio provides an opportunity for students to review their work during their undergraduate experience and to select 8 -10 artifacts that provide the best evidence of meeting the following Honors College goals: academic excellence, campus and community service, global awareness, appreciation of cultural events, and personal growth.

Elements of the Portfolio

The Honors Senior Portfolio is a reflective portfolio, not a professional portfolio. The portfolio consists of two parts:

  1. Documentation of carefully selected milestones over the last four years in the form of 8-10 artifacts (written, visual, taped, etc.) that relate to the Honors College goals listed above. The 8-10 artifacts should consist of both academic and non-academic work as follows:
  2. A reflective 10-15 page paper which integrates this collection of artifacts with the student’s self-reflected observations of personal growth and development. The 10-15 page reflection paper, although a highly personal essay, should be a polished piece of writing.

Further details are outlined on the contract.

Enrollment & Registration

Students must complete the Senior Honors Portfolio contract prior to enrollment. Students are registered for one-credit-hour.

Please click the link below to access a list of Honors College student forms.

Honors College Student Forms