Study Away & Study Abroad


Students pose in front of a palace in Potsdam, Germany

You will have a life-changing experience. Your world will expand, and your perspective about yourself in that world will never be the same.

The Honors College encourages all of its students to acquire broader national and global perspectives and appreciate cross-cultural values and achievements. Students may earn honors credit for an off-campus educational experience, domestic or international, provided the following requirements are met.

  • The program duration must last a minimum of 30 days. All programs are subject to approval by the Honors College. Check with your Honors advisor for program eligibility.
  • A minimum of six hours of academic credit must be earned.
  • Grades of "C" or better must be earned in all courses.
  • Credits must appear on the official Kent State transcript before honors credit will be granted

International Programs

The Office of Global Education provides many opportunities for students to have a rewarding study abroad experience. Some of the most popular programs for KSU students include:

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Domestic Programs

College-Specific Opportunities

Several of Kent State's colleges provide information regarding study away opportunities. Not all college programs qualify for honors credit, but there are plenty of opportunities for international and domestic travel.