Rising Scholars

Your time to shine is now!

Overview of Program

In collaboration with Inspiring Minds of Warren, OH, the Rising Scholars Program supports students in achieving their own idea of success whether that is college, trade school, military or workforce. These students, the Rising Scholars, are members of Inspiring Minds, and participate in the program from 10th grade to the end of 12th grade. The program focuses on:

  • College and Career Readiness 
  • Diversity Exploration and Identity Development
  • Mentorship

Rising Scholars participate in workshops, activities, conferences and other various opportunities. In addition, students will have access to Kent State University at Trumbull resources, including interactions with faculty and staff members.  


The Rising Scholars Program extends its services to students who choose to attend Kent State Trumbull for undergraduate studies. Includes:

  • Full tuition scholarship $$$
    • The Rising Scholars Scholarship covers the difference between Tuition + Instructional Fees + General Fees and other grants and scholarships. This ensures all tuition and book charges are covered allowing students to potentially avoid student loans and focus on their educational goals. This scholarship is renewable for three (3) additional years for students with continued enrollment at Kent State Trumbull.

  • Enrollment in the Building Black Leaders college program

For more information, email Assistant Director, Career Services, Tiffany Tyree, at ttyree@kent.edu