Student Life

Kent State University at Trumbull is proud to offer opportunities for students to take part in the many extracurricular activities and student organizations available on campus.

The purpose of student organizations is to offer opportunities for personal growth and professional development in future careers. These student-run organizations are a great way to meet new people and develop leadership and management skills – foundations that build a resume. Activities and events that take place on campus serve as a compliment to the education students receive in the classroom, as well as a reminder for students to simply have fun and relax!

  • Spend some time on campus after classes to talk to classmates and faculty members.
  • Study and relax in the lounge located in the Student Union. 
  • Enjoy food in our cafeteria or outside overlooking Lake Anne. 
  • Join an existing student group or form a new one! 

The mission of the Office of Student Activities is to enrich and enhance the education students receive within a normal classroom setting. Student Activities coordinates events and activities on campus and oversees Kent State Trumbull’s student organizations. Additionally, it helps link the campus community to the world beyond the campus.

Register Your CLUB or Organization 

Student Club & Organization FAQ

What do I need if I am starting/renewing a student organization?
You'll need to fill out the Faculty Advisor Manual, Student Organization Registration, Student Organization Constitution, and Student Organization Manual. The SOR and SOC forms must be submitted to the Office of Student Activities in order to make your group official for each academic year.

What do I need if I want to know what rights a student organization has?
The Student Organization Manual explains student organization policies, procedures, rights and responsibilities. Please contact the Office of Student Activities if you require any clarification or have any questions.

What do I need if I am planning a fundraiser?
A Deposit Slip, Event/Programming Proposal, and Request To Fundraise are needed. The EPP and RTF must be submitted to the Office of Student Activities before the event takes place. The Deposit Slip and your money must be submitted to the Business Office, located in the Classroom Building, no later than 48 hours following your fundraiser. 

What do I need if I want to reserve a room for a meeting, speaker, event, etc.?
The Event/Programming Proposal form is needed. This form must be submitted to the Office of Student Activities at least two weeks prior to the event/meeting taking place.