New Students (DKSTAR)

1. Confirm Your Intent to Enroll


Click here for Summer or Fall 2024

This allows an academic advisor to contact you to schedule your DKSTAR (Destination Kent State Trumbull Advising and Registration). Please make sure your voicemail is set up and not full so you can receive messages if needed.

2. Take your math placement assessment at home

  • The math assessment is done online using the ALEKS program. You will access ALEKS through your FlashLine account. For help logging in to FlashLine visit or contact the help desk at 330-675-8812 or 330-672-HELP.
  • Log in to FlashLine and hover over “Student” on the left menu. Click: Placement Assessments > Math > Take Your ALEKS Math Assessment
  • This assessment can be done at a time and location of your choice, but it must be completed at least 48 hours before your DKSTAR advising appointment.
  • You are expected to complete the ALEKS math assessment without assistance, so that we may accurately calculate your math level. If you complete the assessment with assistance, there is a strong chance you will perform poorly in your math course.

3. Check Your KENT STATE Email daily

Log in to FlashLine and click the mail icon on the top right to access your email. You will receive important messages to your Kent State email address. Check your Kent State email every day to make sure you don’t miss information about advising, registration, and financial aid. 

4. Prep for your Assessment (Optional)

You have access to resources to help you prepare for the placement assessment. This includes practice exams and helpful website links. To access this program, you will use Canvas, through your FlashLine in the top taskbar: 

  1. Click “Canvas” 
  2. Under “Courses” click “Trumbull Online Placement Prep”  

5. Get Your FLASHCard

Follow the instruction on the FLASHcard page

Not sure what to do next?

Email us at or call 330-675-8860. We'll be happy to respond with your next steps or set up a time to talk.