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Trumbull students will return to the Czech Republic in Summer 2023!

After a two-year hiatus due to COVID, Kent State University at Trumbull students will return to the Czech Republic next summer. Led by Eric Kildow, associate professor of theatre, students will participate in a three-week program entitled "Theatre and Social Change in the Czech Republic." 

The course is open to all students, including theater majors, those participating in theater performances, and others interested in theater and its role in society.

Kildow looks forward to once again providing this experience.

"Studying abroad allows students to expand their academic, professional, and personal horizons through experiential learning in an international context," Kildow said. 

The experience can help individuals enhance employability, expose them to new ways of viewing the world, learn about other cultures, gain further understanding and appreciation for the United States and its way of life, and obtain a broader, more sophisticated view of the world.

Kathalina (Kat) Thorpe, Kent State graduate student and teaching assistant, attributes her Prague experience in 2019 as an inspiration to continue pursuing her goals.

"The experience changed my life and career trajectory and is part of why I came to Kent State," Thorpe said. "Many of us were fortunate to have financial assistance. I encourage students to find a way to go because they will never forget the experience."

Theatre and Society in the Czech Republic

In 1989, the theatres of Prague formed the backbone of the Velvet Revolution that brought about the end of Communist rule. The course explores the evolution of its theatre, as well as theatre's role in Prague's emergence as a major European and world city integrated into the global network of late-stage finance capitalism following Czech integration into NATO and the European Union. Key texts such as "Power of the Powerless" and "Living in Truth" will be examined for their ongoing concerns with the human struggle against faceless powers more significant than themselves.

In past study abroad experiences, students visited theatres which included: National Theatre (includes theatre, dance and opera), Theatre on the Balustrade, Prague Fringe Festival, National Marionette Theatre, State Opera of Prague, The Estates Theatre, Rock Opera, Ta Fantastika Black Light Theatre and DAMU DISK. These are just a few examples of the many theatrical options Prague has to offer.

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