Academic Probation

Academic Probation is a warning that you are not making progress toward your degree and may be in danger of being dismissed from the University or of losing your financial aid. You can continue to attend classes, but now is the time to make some changes.

Academic probation means your cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) is below 2.0 (grade value= below C average). You need to achieve grades above a C in order to raise your GPA to 2.0 or higher. Any grade C- or below pulls your GPA down further.

To begin making changes you will want to reflect on the following.

  • Identify Barriers to Success-What's holding you back? 
    • Think about what factors contributed to your poor academic performance. What can you change?
    • Think about the life circumstances that contributed to your poor academic performance.
    • Have you addressed these so they won't stand in the way of your goals?
  • Set Goals-Where/Who do you want to be?
    • You must have had a good reason to start college. Focus on achieving that end.
    • If this is still important to you, then it is time to get past the barriers and refocus on where and who you want to be.
  • Create an Attitude of Success-Do you put yourself in the right frame of mind?
    • Do not try to blame others for your academic situation.
    • Do not assume that your rights as a student come without personal responsibilities.
    • Do not try to plead ignorance to "get off the hook."
    • Do not psych yourself out. Tell yourself that you will be successful.
  • Develop a Plan-What do you need to do, and how can Kent State Tuscarawas help you?
    • Review the barriers you have.
    • Outline concrete actions you can take to eliminate or lessen their impact on your academic performance.
    • Find out what resources are available to help.
    • Seek people in your life who will support your goals and efforts. Let them help you.
  • Create Balance-Many students have responsibilities other than college. To be successful you have to find the right balance between home, work, college and time for your personal wellness.