Math Assistance

Math assistance is available in the Founders Hall Learning Commons. Professional tutors are available and appointments are not necessary. The resources below can also be helpful to students experiencing difficulty with mathematics.



Instructional math supplements which illustrate definitions, properties, and common mistakes to avoid for Math 00020, Math 00021, Math 00022, Math 10772 (Modeling Algebra Plus) and Math 10775(Algebra Calculus Plus) are available in ‘pdf’ format at the following web addresses and can be printed.

Math 00020 - Pre Algebra - Math 10020 - Pre Algebra Handouts

MATH 00021, 00022 (Basic Algebra I, II) -

MATH 11009 - Modeling Algebra/MATH 11010 - Algebra for Calculus -


Having trouble studying in the ALEKS Basic Math Modules?  Below are the perfect resources to answer your ALEKS questions and to see video tips that will help you get the most out of class!  By downloading the Kent State University Core Math eBooks, you can enhance your chances for success because the content is very similar to the topics being learned in ALEKS.  The eBooks are free to KSU students!.  You are just one click away from help:

Kent State University Core Math eBooks  These eBooks have been used in the past for Core Math courses (10021-24).  Core courses were replaced by the current Basic Algebra courses (00020-24) but the content is very similar.  The eBooks can be downloaded and used to review the material. They are free to KSU students.

ALEKS e-books used in Basic algebra courses:  ALEKS software includes online books (eBooks).  Hard copies are available for checkout in the Learning Commons.

  • Pre-Algebra:     ISBN-13: 978-0073406312 ISBN-10: 0073406317   Miller/O'Neill/Hyde: Prealgebra, 1st Ed. (McGraw Hill, Paperback) – ALEKS 3600
  • BA I and BA II:   ISBN-13: 978-0073384481 ISBN-10: 0073384488 Miller/O'Neill/Hyde: Beginning Algebra, 4th Ed. (McGraw Hill, Paperback) – ALEKS 3600
  • BA III:      ISBN-13: 978-0073384498 ISBN-10: 0073384496 Miller/O'Neill/Hyde: Intermediate Algebra, 4th Ed. (McGraw Hill, Paperback) – ALEKS 3600
  • BA IV:     ISBN-13: 978-0077350161 ISBN-10: 0077350162Barnett/Ziegler/Byleen/Sobecki: College Algebra, 9th Ed. (McGraw Hill)

Videos about ALEKS


Reference sheet contains formulas and definitions that help you summarize what you learned.  It is created by you as you learn.  Here is an example of a reference sheet created by a student who put all formulas and problem types on this sheet and reviewed it before the exam.

math writing

Complete and accurate math writing is important!  You need to check your work so that the instructor or another person can read and understand what you mean.  Here is an example of accurate and complete student writing.  Pay close attention how solutions in ALEKS are presented and how your instructor writes – those are resources for accurate and complete math writing.