Online Degrees

Students may complete undergraduate university requirements and Kent Core courses at Kent State University at Salem, Kent State University at East Liverpool or any campus/location, and the major requirements online. The degree would be awarded by the approved campus or college. Additional fees are assessed for online courses.


Commencement 2019 online

Admission to the Nursing for Registered Nurses major is selective. Applicants must be registered nurses (RN) with a diploma or associate degree who are seeking an accredited bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Admission to the Respiratory Care major is selective. Applicants must hold an active credential for certified respiratory therapist (CRT) or registered respiratory therapist (RRT) and an associate degree from a CoARC-accredited respiratory therapy/care program with a minimum 2.000 overall GPA

Students may also begin coursework in the more than 282 undergraduate degree programs at Kent State.

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