Shane Troyano, Journalism

Internship: TODAY Show

Through his internship with the TODAY Show in New York City, journalism student Shane Troyano, ’22, learned about the many types of journalism job opportunities he might pursue someday. He says his coursework in the School of Media and Journalism and work at Student Media’s TV2 News helped him prepare for this dream internship experience.

 “I use the exact same fundamentals I learned at TV2 every single day at the TODAY Show!” he said.

As TODAY Show intern, a large part of Shane’s daily tasks consisted of assisting producers: transcribing and recording interviews, searching for user-generated content on social media, pitching story ideas and interacting with guests at the famous TODAY Show Plaza.

“One of my favorite experiences at this internship has been to participate on a field shoot with the Hoda & Jenna team at Coney Island for their ‘Wheelin’ & Dealin’ segment,” Shane said. “Another favorite moment of mine was being able to work on a segment on a topic that hits close to home. I am a huge WWE fan and I got to research for a segment involving WWE Superstar Roman Reigns. I was able to go inside the studio and watch the TODAY hosts interview him.”

Shane credits courses such as Broadcast Reporting, Interviewing and Data and Storytelling Across Platforms for preparing him for this experience.

Shane said the internship solidified his dreams of one day becoming on-air talent, and it opened his eyes to the paths he might take to get there.

“From our meetings with talent, executives and more at the TODAY team, I’ve learned that there is not a definitive path to get to where you want to go in this day and age,” he said. “You can become an on-air talent in so many different ways, such as going the local news route, the digital route or even starting off in production.”

Advice for future interns: 

“In all parts of my work life and even personally, my number one priority is being myself, which is also the biggest advice I can give. At work, people want to know your goals and your passions so they can help you get to where you want to be. Be honest, be patient, ask questions, and most importantly, be yourself. Also, to create a strong work environment, you need to understand that you are not alone. Lean on your co-workers and your managers because they have your back and want to help you. It is extremely important to take care of yourself, to focus on your mental health, and to find a workplace that supports you.”

All students in the School of Media and Journalism are required to complete an internship. Read about more student experiences here