E-Sign Frequently Asked Questions

Q:     What is the Electronic Master Promissory Note (eMPN)?
A:     The eMPN is a promissory note that can be used to borrow one or more Federal Direct Loans for one or more academic years. You will receive a Disclosure Statement from the Department of Education for every loan assigned to your eMPN.
Q:     What is the FSA ID?
A:     The FSA ID is created when you first fill out the FAFSA. The FSA ID allows you to electronically sign the eMPN, file the FAFSA, and access other Department of Education records. If you do not know your FSA ID, visit fsaid.ed.gov. 
Q:     What if I signed the MPN in a previous school year?
A:      If the MPN you signed in a previous year is still valid at the Department of Education, you do not have to sign another one. If you never borrowed the loan funds, the previous MPN is no longer valid.
Q:     What if I signed the MPN at a previous school?
A:     If you signed the MPN at a previous Direct Loan school, you are not required to sign another MPN unless that note is no longer valid at the Department of Education. 
Q:     When can I sign the eMPN?
A:      If you know your FSA ID, you are ready to sign the eMPN.  

Q:     What if I do not sign my eMPN?
A:     Your loan will be cancelled by the Financial, Billing & Enrollment Center.
Q:     When will Student Financial Aid receive notification from the Department of Education regarding my eMPN status?
A:     The Student Financial Aid Office will not be able to give you the status of your MPN until after your loan request has been electronically submitted to the Department of Education. The Financial, Billing & Enrollment Center will begin to receive notifications after July 1.
Q:     What is entrance loan counseling?
A:     Entrance Loan Counseling is required for first-time borrowers (undergraduate and graduate) of a Direct Loan. Entrance loan counseling provides information regarding Direct Loans such as managing your educational expenses and loan repayment options. Entrance loan counseling ensures that you have a full understanding of the rights and responsibilities you are entitled to with a Direct Loan.
Q:     When will my loan funds be credited to my student account?
A:     Loan funds for each semester will be credited to your student account beginning 10 days prior to each semester.  You must have met all compliance requirements at the time the funds credit to the the Financial, Billing & Enrollment Center.





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