Where Do I Go From Here?

Your Steps to Completing the Financial Aid Process

  • Create your Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID at studentaid.gov. This serves as an electronic signature required for online access to FAFSA, Master Promissory Note, National Student Loan Data System, and Direct Loan Origination. NOTE:  FSA IDs are needed for students and parents of dependent students.
  • Submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on the web at studentaid.gov. (Ashtabula Campus code is 003052)
  • Once your FAFSA is processed you will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) from the Department of Education. NOTE: You will receive your SAR via email if you provided an email address when you filed the form.
  • Once the information from your FAFSA is received by Kent State University, your Kent State University Award Letter will be sent to you. This is your customized financial aid package.  NOTE:  This tells you the amount and types of aid you qualify for based on the information submitted on your FAFSA.
  • Visit Flashline at login.kent.edu for any revisions to your award letter.
  • Review your e-bill (electronic bill) from the Bursar’s Office.  All bills will come electronically to your Kent State email address. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A PAPER BILL IN THE MAIL. The balance remaining after financial aid has been awarded is the amount that you owe to the University.
  • LOAN ACCEPTANCE - Your Direct Loan will be awarded in the Offered status. In order for your funds to credit to your student account, you must Accept the Direct Loan award.  Access your FlashLine account at login.kent.edu – Select the Student tab »» Select the Finances tab »» Select the Financial Aid tab »» Click on the Financial Aid Awards box (Pin to dashboard) »» Select the Award Year from the drop down and Submit »» Review the Financial Aid Terms and Conditions »» Click on the Accept Award Offer tab to submit an award decision. Once you submit your decision, you will not be able to change it. You must contact the Student Financial Aid Office if you need to make a change.
  • First time borrowers sign a Federal Direct Loan Promissory note.  Make sure you complete both of the following steps to complete the process. Go online to studentaid.gov for entrance counseling and promissory note.

The FAFSA is used to apply for federal student aid which includes grants, loans and work study. In addition, it is used by most states and universities to award some nonfederal student aid.